Melissa Hollerith, Morally Bankrupt Episcopal Priest

Melissa Hollerith, Morally Bankrupt Priest

Melissa Hollerith is a morally bankrupt Episcopal priest. Canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, she is married to the feckless and utterly clueless Randy Hollerith, dean of the National Cathedral.

Currently serving as honorary assistant to the rector of Christ Church Georgetown, amusingly enough Melissa previously served as an ethics instructor at St. Albans Episcopal School in DC.

So what’s the ethical issue with Melissa?

The answer arises from her previous role as President of the DioVA Disciplinary Committee. In that capacity, Melissa heard my appeal from the decision of Title IV intake officer Sven vanBaar, who held that Bob Malm’s perjury is not actionable on the basis that he hasn’t faced criminal charges.

Of course, in that matter, Melissa simply followed the prior decision of Susan Goff, who under Title IV had to sign off on Sven vanBaar’s morally bankrupt decision.

As I later told Hollerith, the notion that clergy are only culpable if they face criminal charges shows that the Episcopal Church is in a state of ethical meltdown. It has nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings. Nothing. And Melissa Hollerith doesn’t have the integrity to speak out.

That rather reminds me of the Max Lucado debacle, in which Randy Hollerith lectured us on the need to listen to others, even as he refused to take his own advice, and put a homophobic hater in the pulpit of the National Cathedral. And while Randy claims to be an ally, he is not. He’s just a clueless, two-faced, arrogant sack of scum with no moral reference point.

In other words, he’s the male counterpart to his equally feckless wife.

Melissa Hollerith, Ethically Bankrupt Episcopal Priest